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  The POWER Initiative

Welcome to the ARC/EDA 2016 POWER Initiative Grants Portal


ARC has received a sufficient number of competitive and fundable POWER grant applications to award the balance of its currently appropriated funding. ARC is no longer accepting new pre-applications or technical assistance requests for the POWER initiative.
For questions regarding EDA funding availability, please contact POWER@eda.gov.

Through this portal, you will continue to be able to work with implementation pre-applications and technical application requests that have already been submitted. Applicants who have been invited to complete a full ARC application should proceed to the Log-in page. After logging-in, select the appropriate project from your dashboard listing. You can also continue to check the status of your pre-applications and applications on your user dashboard.


Need help with POWER Portal login or other technical issues? Email powersupport@arc.gov.
For all other POWER Initiative questions, email power@arc.gov or power@eda.gov.


Thank you for your interest in POWER Initiative grants!